10 December 2014

the NZ under $100 xmas gift guide

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Officially two weeks out from the big day, and I've only managed tick one present off the to-buy list so far.. I'll totally manage to get everything together in 14 days at the busiest time of year, right? Right..?

In the spirit of the fast approaching festivities, I put together a little inspiration for those of you who are just as slack as me on the present buying front. This particular guide is a bit more special though; after meeting a few local designers and business owners this year, my perspective on supporting local business's has really changed. I definitely feel way more inclined to buy NZ made or from a New Zealand label as opposed to from a big brand chain store nowadays. Not saying I don't buy from chain stores at all, because #poorstudentlife, but there's just something so great about purchasing an item that someone has worked so hard on. These are just a few of the awesome things you can find in our humble little country for less than $100. Currently at the top on my wishlist is the delicious smelling Avocado Mint Captives candle. I've already decided to get this one as a sneaky gift to myself, because seriously, it is just so so good.

5 December 2014

sugar sugar

(Karen Walker top, Recycle Boutique. Shorts, Ruby (Liam). Cardigan, Mirrou. Shoes, Charlotte Russe. Sunglasses, Glassons. Rings, Karen Walker & Lovisa.)

Celebrating summer with a cavity-inducing outfit featuring one of my favourite trends ever: pastels! Don't get me wrong, I love the classic black & white look as much as the next girl, but I can never go past a good baby blue, pale pink or lovely shade of lavender. This Karen Walker top is a thrifted piece that I picked from Recycle Boutique a few weeks ago when I went for a little shop/bagel break with Nicole. It was in amazing condition, and the ruffles were just too cute to pass up. The colour & print also kind of reminds me of mint choc chip ice-cream. I thought it would go nicely with my new pastel green cardigan, which has so many holes in it, I feels like it actually makes you colder when you wear it. It's a rather strange experience.

P.S. Can you believe there are already less than 20 days until Christmas?! How did that even happen. I just know I'm going to be running around frantically on Christmas Eve looking for appropriate presents.. (Procrastination will always be a strong point, even during the holiday season.)

25 November 2014

lady lace

(Top & Skirt, Amber Whitecliffe. Heels, Lulus (similar here & here). Sunglasses, Glassons. Rings, eBay & Karen Walker.)

What I wore for a fun afternoon of eating, more eating, lounging on beanbags in the sunshine and riding bicycles down by The Waterfront (don't worry, I changed into shorts for that last one). I fell in love with this lace top ever since I tried it on for this post I did a while back. The best thing about it is the lining that covers all the essentials while leaving the rest (including the back) transparent, so you don't have to wear another top under it to maintain your dignity. Seriously, more lace tops need to have this feature! I also adore the faded edge design of the fabric, which you unfortunately cant see since it's tucked in, but click through on the product link to see it on the AW website; the model is even wearing the same skirt! And speaking of which, this skirt seriously makes you feel like a million bucks. The fabric feels super luxurious and silky, and it's a nice pencil shape that also allows for eating space (always an important consideration for any outfit).

I've started the new summer job this week and so far so good..! There's so much new stuff to learn though; I feel ridiculously under qualified, but let's just hope the managers don't notice that any time soon. On the plus side, we do have a Nespresso machine in the office. This could be dangerous..