favourites // march '14


This past month has been pretty hectic, with Uni back in full swing and a few too many social obligations that aren't doing my GPA any good.. and I can't believe we're halfway through Autumn already, but the weather here in Auckland still feels like summer! (not that I'm complaining). Anyway, here are a few things that have been loving for the month of March!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (Shade 25): Concealer is one of the few make-up products that I use (almost) everyday, so after my Maybelline Mineral Power concealer sadly ran out, I immediately went out to grab a replacement. I thought I'd try this one since I had read some good reviews about it online, and I couldn't find the Mineral Power one in store. This concealer is nice and creamy, which makes it super easy to blend. I would say this has light to medium coverage, and it works really well for brightening up my under eye circles and occasionally covering some redness/blemishes. 

Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black): Lately, I've often been reaching for this Dollywink liner in the mornings over my standard pencil liner. This has definitely been a long time favourite of mine (and many other bloggers) because it glides on so easily and stays put all day. Plus, how adorable is that polkadot packaging.

Dainty necklaces (Hearts & Circle, Lovisa. Bow, Gifted. Protea, Meadowlark.): I rarely leave the house these days without one of these pretty pendants hanging around my neck. They are just so easy to wear, and add that little bit extra to every outfit.

White Converse: Comfy and stylish at the same time? That's the (shoe) dream.. My feet have pretty much lived in these shoes since I started back at Uni. Although, they are probably in need of a good scrub to bring them back to their former shining white glory

Cucumber and Hummus: My flat mate and I eat this snack so often, our fridge is seldom seen without these two items inside. We probably go through about two cucumbers a week..! The crunchy cucumber just goes so damn well with some of our fave hummus (Lisa's Gloriously Garlic, in case you were wondering).

glow with the flow


(Dress, O'Neill. Jacket, Calvin Klein. Shoes, Converse. Roxy bag, North Beach. Necklace, Meadowlark. Ring, Karen Walker.)

What I wore and some snaps from the Night Glow in Hamilton last weekend. Before we were old enough to go to parties or stay out past midnight, this event use to be the best excuse to get away from out parents and stuff our faces with carnival food. I haven't been in a few years, and seeing all the teens/tweens running around eating candy floss and hotdogs was a little nostalgic.

The floaty dress I wore is one of the most well-loved pieces in my wardrobe; it's so easy to dress up or down, and I just love the summery print. I paired it with my white chucks and this secondhand denim jacket, although it was actually way colder than I anticipated. Luckily the heat from the hot air balloon burners was actually pretty warm!

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend xx

backyard catwalk


Last Saturday, as a 'study break', I went and watched the 2pm show of Newmarket's 'Catwalk on the Street' fashion sessions, which were conveniently about a two minute walk away from my apartment. It was such a beautiful sunny day, and the show definitely made me want to run into the shops and buy all the amazing pieces for the coming winter season! (Which would've been super easy since everything featured in the show was from stores in Newmarket). I thought I'd share some of my favourite (and least blurry) outfits that I managed to captured.

Fave look: Far left - Mixed prints + killer shoes = winner.

Fave look: Far right - Isn't that coral colour just gorgeous?

Fave look: Far left - Digging that bright white paired with big & bold floral.

Casual (+1 swimwear)
Fave look: 2nd from right - I would definitely wear this outfit! Those boots.. ♥

Fave look(s): Middle two - Dreaming of a grey winter.. Can I have both please?

Fave look: Far right - Adore that double tiered skirt, and pretty pastels will always win me over.

Fave look: 2nd from the right - To be honest, I love all of these winter jackets! 

The final walk

After the 2pm show, the finalists of the 'Next Face of Newmarket' modelling competition came out onto the catwalk for the winner to be announced. I managed to get this shot of the gorgeous Ellen (in the yellow) from Shop Style Conquer, who was one of the 15 finalists (congrats!). I also met her lovely sister, Tara, after spotting her in the crowd and plucking up the courage to say hello. It was so nice talking to another blogger in real life after seeing so much of them online; hopefully I'll have some more chance-blogger-encounters in the future :) 



(Top, Asos. Playday shorts, Tobi.com. Mi Piaci boots, Apoorva's wardrobe. Sunglasses, Dotti. Belt, Cotton On. Rings, Lovisa.)

What I wore last weekend for an assortment of activities, including brunch with Apoorva, window shopping in the city, attending a friend's leaving party & a night out on the town. My lovely flatmate (the aforementioned brunch buddy) let me borrow these gorgeous boots of hers, while she wore my Siren platforms (seen here). Ah, the perks of living with someone who has the same shoe size as you.. ♥

Fast forward seven days and this outfit would be the definition of inappropriate in the current weather situation. A cyclone decided to grace us with it's presence, making for a quiet weekend indoors catching up on Uni notes and YouTube videos. Hope all you NZers are staying safe and warm! xx

barney & anna


(Top, Tobi.com. Barney Shorts, Ruby. Anna Platform Sandals by Siren, Wildpair. Sunglasses, Dotti. Necklaces, Recycle Boutique.)

I took these photos on the very last day of summer here in New Zealand (sorry for the delay! *see below*). It was a brilliantly sunny day, so I thought this shorts & sandals combo would be a great way to see of the season. This outfit also unintentionally ended up creating a head-to-toe, blue-to-white gradient. Don't you love serendipitous styling combos. 

So in last three weeks, I've flown to Dunedin for O-week, found a new apartment for the year, moved into the new apartment and started the 3rd year of my degree back at University. Needless to say, I didn't have much time to blog :( Pair that with the fact that my new apartment is yet to have an internet connection, and the result is a very delayed blog post, uploaded via scrounged Wi-Fi from my boyfriend's place. I promise I'll do better next time.. ♥



(Top, TradeMe.co.nz. Bardot Skirt, TradeMe.co.nz. Booties, Glassons. Bag, North Beach. Sunglasses, Dotti. Necklace, Lovisa.)

I've worn this outfit out to several occasions during the last few weeks, including apartment viewings, dessert dates, airport pickups, valentines day picnics and frolicking in flowerbeds. I love that both the clothing pieces are second hand items, and it really goes to show that you don't need to spend a fortune to own stylish, good quality clothing. Although in saying that, I may have recently developed a dangerous taste for designer jewellery after receiving this gorgeous Meadowlark necklace from my boyfriend for Valentines day. And, I also may have purchased my first piece of Karen Walker jewellery within that same week. Uh oh..



(Top, ASOS. Spotted romper, Glassons. Shoes, Converse. Necklace & bracelets, gifted)

Who doesn't love a good two-for-one deal? This multi-tasking romper transforms into the most adorable pair of shorts that come with their very own self-tie bow belt (which are the romper straps in case you didn't realise). I paired it with this basic cropped tee and my shiny new white Converse that I can finally cross off my wishlist.

I wore the latter of these outfit variations out for lunch yesterday with one of my best friends who I haven't seen in forever, mainly because she hasn't been in the country. We caught up on the last 6 months while indulging in pasta and cupcakes at Mavis & Co, which, by the way, is thee most amazing cafe/eatery in Hamilton. Every time I go there, I want to order everything in the cabinet because it all looks so darn good..

Happy Weekend everyone! xx

favourites // janaury '14


To kick off this New Year, I thought I'd start doing monthly favourites posts to document my top products/clothing/food/ miscellaneous items as the year goes on. This definitely isn't a new concept, with many bloggers before me posting their own favourites lists; but I always enjoy reading these kinds of posts, and I hope you enjoy mine too! (P.S. Was it just me, or did the first month of 2014 fly by super fast..?!)

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter: I grabbed this little pottle of goodness while in Brisbane at the start of the month after forgetting to pack my own. I've tried a few Body Butters from The Body Shop, and this one (like the others) did not disappoint. It smells just like a strawberry smoothie and feels like a dream when applied.

Cotton On beach towel, ASOS bikini, Chicwish sunglasses: Three beach essentials I can't live without during these hot summer months here in NZ, all in various shades of pastel (naturally). 

Vera Wang Princess eu de toilette spray: I received this as a gift from my boyfriend two Christmas's ago, and as you can see I've barely used any at all. It's not that I don't like the scent (in fact, I LOVE the scent), I just always forget to put it on the morning. But this month, I've been making a conscious effort to spray some on everyday before I head out the door, and am thoroughly enjoying this sweet and youthful fragrance.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, e.l.f. Powder Brush: Well, the photo speaks for itself really.. These two go together like milk & honey, plus they are both ridiculously affordable. I clearly need to replace my powder ASAP, and am currently tossing up between repurchasing this one or trying out the Rimmel Stay Matte powder (which I have also heard great things about). If you've tried out either of these products, I'd love to hear what you think of them :)

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green: Being an avid VlogBrothers fan, John Green's books have been on my to-read list for quite some time. This is the second book of his that I am currently enjoying (the first being Looking for Alaska). And because I am slightly OCD about things like this, I have decided that I must read all of his books in the order that he wrote them, even though they aren't at all related to one another..

Watermelon: To me, this fruit is the definition of summer (along with the sun, the beach and all that other good stuff). I've eaten this at least twice a week this month, and have enjoyed every delicious bite of it. Now I'm just waiting for the day I find a yellow-fleshed watermelon at the supermarket.. (those of you who have tried it will know what I'm talking about!)