24 October 2014

celine rita - summer '14/'15

Summer came alive last night at Celine Rita's fashion showcase featuring her new season collection. The range featured gorgeous flowing fabrics, pretty lace details and a few structured pieces as well. With a colour palette of soft baby blues, mustard yellow and stand-out orange, this collection exudes Celine's classic feminine charm and effortless design.

Click through to see all my snaps from the show!

19 October 2014

stacking saben

Saben is renown for their gorgeous leather goods, but this multi-talented brand has recently release some accessories of a different kind. These stunning sterling silver rings come from two of their jewellery collections; the latest Sabenette Scouts SS14/15 range, and their first ever fine jewellery line, the Signet Collection. Easy to wear, beautifully crafted and super stackable, these pieces would make great additions to any jewellery box.

The above rings are definitely my top three, with the Raccoon ring being my absolute favourite; just look at how cute he is! Definitely purchasing as soon as the student budget allows for it (or if anyone feels like doing some super early Christmas shopping.. *hint hint*). The Arrow ring is gorgeous as well, and the Skinny Dip from the Signet Collection is such a clean and classic piece that would literally go with everything.

Be sure to go and check out the rings yourself at one of Saben's stockists; they are even more stunning in person! ♥

9 October 2014


(Lara Parker ruffle sleeve top, Trademe.co.nz. Little One shorts, Wildpair. Denim jacket, Calvin Klein. Therapy boots, Number One Shoes. Sunglasses, Glassons. Necklace, Meadowlark.)

Wanderlust is officially at an all time high. I wore this outfit to watch the National Geographic Live event in Auckland last week, and combined with Uni getting to that ready-to-crawl-into-bed-and-give-up stage, I seriously can't wait get out of here to see more of the world. I thought this outfit looked pretty adventure-ish; I love the hidden shorts under this skirt/skort, so I can run around without worrying about flashing anyone (because I do so much running around in my daily life). Will definitely be keeping these on hand if I do end up travelling somewhere exciting; hopefully that happens soon..!

P.S. Big thanks to Adventure World for the tickets to the show!