pretty in plaid


(Dress, Glassons. Blazer, Jayjays. Shoes, Hannahs. Necklace, Meadowlark.)

Well hello there! Sooo it's been a while since my last post on here.. 3 weeks in fact. Oops. Here's a recap of what I've been up to: Lots of driving between Hamilton & Auckland, catching up with friends, being miserable during that terrible week of zero sunshine, snowboarding (or trying to), going skydiving (!!!), and attending an abundance of birthday parties. 

The outfit above was one that I wore to the latter of those activities. I decided I had nothing to wear on the day of the party (typical), so I popped into Glasson's on the way home from Uni and picked up this little number. I love dresses with this silhouette; they're so flattering and feminine, plus I can eat a bunch without worrying about potential food babies. The plaid pattern adds the perfect touch of edginess to this otherwise girly outfit (see: pink, chiffon, bows, loose curls). Plus, I've been lusting after a good plaid piece for a while, and this seems to fit the bill nicely.

review & swatches // collection cosmetics pink lipsticks


Another lipstick review/swatch for you on the blog today! This time, they're from the Collection Cosmetics Lasting Colour lipstick range that recently launched in New Zealand. I recently got to try out three of their pink lipsticks for a post I did for XYNZ magazine; check it out here!

 The shades (from left to right) are: Pink Shock, Bubblegum and Sweet Tart. The long lasting colour and smooth formula makes these perfect to wear all day. Plus, they also have added SPF15; bonus!

Pink Shock is a pretty accurate way to describe this colour; a very bright, almost-but-not-quite-neon pink. It's very pigmented and actually left a nice stain on my lips when I removed it (which would be fine most of the time, but not when you're doing a swatches!)

Bubblegum is a cool-toned, light but bright milky shade with a tiny hint of frost. It's not as quite opaque as the other two colours and takes a few more layers to build up the intensity. However, it's still a very pretty colour and applies like a dream.

Sweet Tart is my favourite shade out of the three; a corallish berry colour that suits my skin tone really nicely. I can't wait 
to wear this one in Spring/Summer!

Arm swatches

Overall, I think these lipsticks are amazing value considering their low price tag, great staying power and colour pay off. I'm definitely curious to try out Collection Cosmetics' other lipsticks and products now too, so if you've tried out any goodies, 
let me know what you thought of them!



(Top, Valleygirl. Skirt, Sabo Skirt. Siren sandals, Wildpair. Necklace, DIY. Rings, Lovisa.)

What I (almost) wore to dinner last week to celebrate the end of first semester exams; because food is the best way to celebrate! I ended up switching the skirt for black jeans because the weather was looking rather wild that night and I didn't want my legs to freeze off. We went to a BYO Thai restaurant in Ponsonby called Thai Me Up, where we ate delicious Asian curry and drank cheap wine. Classic student life.

Now that exams are over, I sometimes don't know what to do with myself.. So much free time! I had all these plans back when I was studying, but now that I'm actually on holiday, online window shopping seems to be the activity of choice. Hooray for three weeks of Uni-free bliss ♥